Ghana Ball

11 December 2009

For those of you who were there, read another post, but for those of you who always struggle to know how to give to charity, then I think I have something that might help.

My sister is part of a group that built an orphanage in Ghana. They are extending, teaching, developing, and building this project steadily, and in a controlled way.   The work they do, and the money they raise all goes to the people who need it.  I know this as fact.

Those involved benefit from the project enormously.  They benefit by going there, meeting Ghanaians, (sp?) and their Children get to go out and help with the building, the painting, of the place, and the teaching, the playing, the development of the children.   In a nutshell, its a win win.

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A big thank you to Mark Venning for pointing out that Rupert, but spelt with three T’s was easier for people to remember than SuitsMen as a brand.  After spending years planning SuitsMen, well, we sell clothing that Suit Men, and, well main smart ones, so suits!

So the birth of Ruperttt , the man who wells suits online.  I have been since 1999, so 10 years now.   If you find this site, then you were probably on my table at the Charity ball in aid of the Ghana orphanage.  More on that later.